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The Mechanical Principle Of Ball Valve
Jan 02, 2018

The ball valve is evolved from a plug valve. The ball valve has the same rotational 90-degree lifting action, the difference is that the ball valve seal is a sphere with a round through hole or passage through its axis.

The ratio of spherical and channel ports should be the same, that is, when the ball rotates 90 degrees, at the inlet and outlet should all render the spherical surface, thus truncating the flow. The ball valve can be closed strictly with a rotating 90-degree operation and a small rotational torque. The fully equal valve body cavity provides a small, straight flow channel for the medium.

The ball valve works by revolving valve love to make the valve unblocked or occluded. Ball valve switch is light, small size, can be made into a large caliber, sealed reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and spherical often in the closed state, not easily by the medium erosion, in various industries have been widely used. The ball valve has PTFE seals on both sides, and the contact part of the sphere is a circular arc surface, through the body of the bolt or pressure mother pressure to create a sealing function, the top of the ball open a straight groove for the transfer handle torque. When the ball valve is opened, the hole on the ball is parallel to the axis of the valve, forming a channel; when the valve closes, the ball rotates 90 ° through the handle, blocking the channel.

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