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Maintenance Of Globe Valves
Jan 02, 2018
Operation of the cut-off valve, a variety of valve parts should be complete, intact. Flange and bracket on the bolt is indispensable, the thread should be intact, not allowed to loose phenomenon. The fastening nut on the handwheel, if found loose should tighten promptly, lest wear the connection place or lose the hand wheel and nameplate. If the handwheel of the cut-off valve is lost, it is not allowed to replace with a live wrench and should be matched in time. The packing gland does not allow skew or no preload clearance. To be susceptible to rain and snow, dust, sand and other pollutants contaminated by the cut-off valve in the environment, valve stem to install protective cover. The ruler on the cut-off valve should be kept intact, accurate and clear. Cut-off valve seals, caps, pneumatic accessories should be complete intact. Not allowed to beat on the running stop valve, station people or supporting materials, especially non-metallic valves and cast iron valves, but also to prohibit valve grease when the maintenance work before the production and commissioning of the valve professional maintenance work, for valve service in the production operation plays a vital role, Correct and orderly and effective maintenance will protect the valve, so that the valve functions properly and prolong the service life of the valve.
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