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Function Use Of Butterfly Valve
Jan 02, 2018
Butterfly valve refers to the closing part (disc or butterfly plate) for the disc, revolving around the valve axis to reach the opening and closing of a valve, in the pipeline mainly cut off and throttle role. Butterfly valve headstock is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, in the body around its own axis rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of opening or adjusting. Butterfly valve fully open to the total is less than 90 °, butterfly valve and the butterfly itself has no self-locking ability, for the positioning of the butterfly plate, to the valve stem on the installation of worm gear reducer. The use of worm gear reducer, not only can make the butterfly plate with self-locking ability, so that the butterfly plate stop in any position, but also improve the operating performance of the valve. Industry-specific Butterfly valve features: High temperature, the applicable pressure range is also higher, the valve nominal size, valve body using carbon steel manufacturing, valve plate sealing ring using metal ring instead of rubber ring. Large high temperature butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, which is mainly used for flue gas duct of high temperature medium.
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