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Advantages Of Pneumatic Ball Valve
Jan 02, 2018

Compared with other kinds of valves, pneumatic ball valves with angular stroke output torque, open fast, stable and reliable, widely used, as well as the following advantages:

1. Thrust bearing reduces valve stem friction torque, can make stem long-term operation smooth and flexible.

2. anti-static function: In the sphere, valve stem, valve body set between the spring, the switch can be generated during the electrostatic export.

3. Because PTFE and other materials have good self-lubricating, and the ball friction loss is small, so the service life of pneumatic ball valve is long.

4. The fluid resistance is small: the pneumatic ball valve is one of the smallest fluid resistance in all valve classification, even if is the pneumatic ball valve of reducing diameter, its fluid resistance is also quite small.

5. Valve STEM seals reliable: because the stem only rotates movement but does not do the movement, the valve stem packing seal is not easy to destroy, and the sealing ability increases with the medium pressure increase.

6. The valve seat seals the performance to be good: uses the PTFE and so on the elastic material to make the seal ring, the structure is easy to seal, moreover the pneumatic ball valve seal ability increases with the medium pressure increase.

7. The fluid resistance is small, the whole diameter ball valve has no flow resistance basically.

8. Simple structure, small size, light weight.

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