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Torque Analysis of globe valve
Jan 02, 2018
When the stop valve starts off at the full open position, as the disc drops, the fluid causes a pressure difference before and after the disc to prevent the disc from falling, and this resistance increases rapidly as the disc drops. When the globe valve is closed, the pressure difference is equal to the pressure of the media, then the maximum resistance. And then the force of the sealing force, so that the closing valve close instantaneous operation force increased quickly. In the valve opening process, due to the media pressure or the pressure of the disc before and after the push is to help open the valve. It should be pointed out that the moment of opening the valve is likely to exceed the torque when the valve is closed, because at this time to overcome the larger friction. When the cut-off valve is open, the opening height of the disc reaches the 25%~30% of the valve's nominal diameter, the flow has reached the maximum, that is, the cut-off valve has reached the full open position, so the open position of the globe valve should be determined by the disc stroke. When the cut-off valve closes and the Guan is opened again, it is similar to the forced sealing type gate valve, so the closing position of the valve should be determined by increasing the operating torque to the specified value.
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