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The place where the butterfly valve can be used
Jan 02, 2018

Butterfly valves are suitable for flow adjustment.

Butterfly valve structure length and overall height is small, opening and closing speed, and has good fluid control characteristics, butterfly valve structure is the most suitable for making large diameter valves. When the butterfly valve is required to be used for control flow, the most important thing is to choose the size and type of butterfly valve properly and effectively.

Usually, in throttling, regulating control and slurry medium, the requirement of short structure length, opening and closing speed (1/4 rpm). Low pressure cut-off (small pressure difference), recommended selection of butterfly valve.

In the dual-position adjustment, necking channel, low noise, gas point and gasification phenomenon, to the atmosphere a small amount of leakage, with abrasive media, you can choose butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve is applicable to the requirements of complete sealing, gas test leakage of zero, high life requirements, operating temperature of 10 degrees ~150 of freshwater, sewage, seawater, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil and all kinds of acid-base and other pipe road.

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