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Definition of basket strainer and its related maintenance
Jan 02, 2018

Blue filter with the best precision, because of its entire shape like a basket and the name Blue filter. The blue filter is mainly used as a device to filter impurities in the equipment, which mainly stabilizes the process flow and the safe operation of the maintenance equipment.

The blue filter is mainly composed of nozzles, cylinders, filter baskets, flanges, flange caps and fasteners. The whole work flow is: fluid through the pipeline into the filter, some particles larger than the diameter of the mesh pore diameter of impurities will be the filter to intercept, and more clean liquid will pass through the filter after the discharge, so that the appropriate process of the liquid. Blue Filter Cleaning is also more convenient, as long as the screen is removed for simple flushing, to ensure that every pore of the mesh is not blocked by impurities can be reinstalled into the filter, in the entire filter, the screen is critical. At present, the blue filter is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Enterprises generally in the selection of filters, it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the filter and the diameter of the matching pipe is consistent, and confirm the maximum pressure of the equipment to choose the appropriate filter. Of course, if the enterprise requirements of high precision, you can choose a higher precision filter, because the filter can be said to be the core of the entire filter.

Enterprises in the selection of a good blue filter and the use of a period of time, must be a maintenance and maintenance, so as to extend the life of the blue filter, but also to prevent the blue filter damage and ultimately the entire process, equipment can not function properly. General Maintenance has: the filter must be special protection, use a period of time (depending on the use of the time can be determined), must clean the impurities on the filter, to ensure that the filter has been maintained normal operation, in the daily inspection once found that the filter has been damaged, must be the first time to replace, Avoid affecting the normal operation of the entire equipment.

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